Saturday, 12 August 2017

Review: Mario Badescu Facial Sprays

Hey Gorgeous People,

Recently, I bought the two available facial sprays by Mario Badescu Skincare from Mecca Maxima.
The first one has aloe, herbs and rosewater, and the second has aloe, cucumber and green tea. It claims that once you have used this product, you won't want to be without it. It claims to set makeup, soothe skin in dehydrating conditions, or to give skin a quick boost. You can mist it over your face, skin and hair.

I have heard so much about this product all over Instagram and social media, and, because I do like to keep up with what is being used by currently, I went ahead and got it.

And I must say, these face spray do exactly what they say! I use it to set my makeup and my face will stay put all day, even if I'm out dancing or clubbing. I use this as well to just hydrate my face and neck when I'm not wearing makeup, especially in the morning. I haven't yet used it on my hair because I feel like it leaves a small bit of tacky residue on your face for a few minutes after application and I don't want it to make my hair look greasy, especially if I apply it in the morning.

Also, I got the smaller bottles (118ml), which are only $9, and you do get quite a bit of wear out of it. I've been using it every day with multiple applications for over a week and I've only used a centimetre down the bottle of product.

If you're looking for a super quick and easy way to hydrate and set makeup, I honestly recommend this. The hype is totally worth it!

What did you think of this product? Do you have any products like this that I should try?

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